One of the varieties of Beyond Meat
One of the varieties of Beyond Meat

I am not a ‘fake meat’ lover, liker or eater. I hate that processed stuff. I don’t need a substitute for meat, the flavors of meat or anything that reminds me of meatiness. I am truly a happy vegan, content with my countless veggie selections.

That being said, why would I recommend this product that is marketed as a meat substitute, and even has the name ‘meat’ in it’s logo? This really should be called “quick, chewy, Gluten free, GMO free, easily digestible veggie protein.” (It actually is made from pea protein and amaranth.) Honestly, given that description with the added bonus of 18 whopping grams of protein per serving, and did I mention EASILY digestible, I would eat it if it tasted like chalk. I am serious. When you get a certain age it’s less about taste and more about, “Can I digest that, and what kind of energy is it going to give me?”

Now, I suppose some might call this product even delicious. And due to the rate that it disappears from the refrigerator by others in the household who are still of the age to be ruled by taste buds alone, that would be an appropriate assumption.

So what are you waiting for? Go out and try this deliciousness that is beyond awesome in every way! But please, leave some for me 🙂

P.S. I found this product at Whole Foods Market in the ‘fake cheese and meats” section 🙂

Vegan Victoria