Museum quality specimen waiting to become jeweled adornments
Museum quality specimen waiting to become jeweled adornments

Oh, there is nothing like the feeling of inspiration! It’s like a sudden burst of purpose, something being found that you never knew you were looking for, a forward momentum into purposeful being…yah all that and then some.

I spent a lovely day collecting specimen from one of my favorite sources, a lapidary museum. Every time I visit I see with new eyes. I’m attracted to new areas, colors, and hardness. Some pieces seem as if they were just waiting their whole lives to find me.

There are so many reasons why I love this source.
1. Good price
3. Rare finds that only the experts would even care about (like opalized cinnabar, which I’d never bring into my home due to it’s toxicity, but still…they have it)
4.You know that you are getting exactly what the stone is labeled as, the grand feeling and fellowship of a peer group of experts in mineralogy/gemmology..ahhhh
5.Seeing, feeling, sizing and knowing before you buy.

That being said…I shall not disclose this source…yet. Maybe someday. Until then I will be setting a Herkimer diamond with not one, but three record keeper triangles, (one indented cavern and two etched, eek how awesome is that!), schroll, ulexlite, aurichalcite, jasper, citrine, moonstone, magnetite (so real), star marcasite, hematite, and some extra special specials!

Feeling Blessed by the inspiration of new. What is inspiring to you today?

In my next jewelry themed post…

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