Keeping the fires of passion burning bright in the spotlight.
Keeping the fires of passion burning bright in the spotlight.

In many a performers life the monotony can be trying. Singing the same songs over and over, the same scenes played again, make up goes on, and off, costumes, shows etc. It all can become overwhelmingly the ‘same’ and turn into a tedious endeavor. How can performers keep the passion that inspired them in the first place?

The key to keep on with thriving passion is to find something in your choice, or art in this case, that is outstanding. Embrace it, remember it, love it, and use that outstanding something every time.

Here is a personal example of what keeps me passionate when vocally performing.
One of the things I enjoy most, while singing, is a new audience. As I open my mouth and the sound comes forth, watching the reaction of the crowd is what does it for me. You see, it doesn’t matter what song I’m singing, if it’s the first time I’ve sung the song, or the 200th time. When there is an audience which has never heard me before, it is thrilling to observe that initial meeting of listener and my voice.

For me this is almost addictive. The “reaction” itself has become very predictable, but in that predictability is such an amazing experience. It fuels my passion and thus the actual performance feeling gets better each moment after.

You see, no matter how many times I perform I get this same reaction. At first, it’s a bit like surprise, almost unpleasant even as if the hearer can’t quite make out what’s going on. Then quickly the reaction turns to awe, as if the listener can’t believe that sound is actually happening. Finally, the response becomes a buzz of pleasure, or a cathartic release and the tears start flowing. In all cases it’s a spiritual experience. A moment when divine is realized through sound, sharing and trust.

And as I’m up there singing, I can’t help but to see each emotion come over the faces. I can’t help but to feel pleased and grateful that I get to ’cause’ all those reactions. Ultimately there is a strong sense of blessing, that I am so blessed to be in this special place, and to see those reactions.

So that’s my story of how to keep on thriving in your passion.
My own story is one which no one taught me. It’s not something that was learned and passed down from teachers to students, or mentor to mentee. Like most awesome experiences and life changing moments, it was something I intuited on my own, or I was in such flow of the spirit, that I was lead to that moment and also the understanding of that moment in perfect timing of noticeable synchronicity. Whichever way you want to look at it, have at it.

Finding that key to thrive in passion is something you must experience for yourself. Find something you can rely on to boost your passion. If it’s not there, then maybe that wasn’t what you were really meant to be passionate about. Try something new. This world is full of endless possibilities.

May you find your passion, thrive and be purposefully fulfilled!

Blessings, Victoria