Signs of a productive day Signs of a productive day

Signs of a Productive Day

While immersed in long projects, sometimes it is hard for me to remain upbeat and positive in my ‘progress’ I think it is easy to get down logged by all that has to be done still, without appreciating all that has been.

One thing that helps me is “look for signs of progress”. The picture above is one of my ‘progress markers’. It is a bunch of string ends from an assortment of beads. For some people even putting away and organizing your ‘tools’ can be a project. I’m actually one of those people who enjoys organizing beads and such, but a friend of mine is the exact opposite. She gets so burdened by the decisions of even putting her beads in a specific spot that she’ll often times forget where her ‘new beads’ have gone off to. This can get her so down that she’ll even avoid starting a project altogether.

So I told her to cut off a piece of string from each strand of beads that she puts away. For me this is practical so they fit well in the storage containers, for her is it a sign of progress. Holding all those threads in hand symbolizes a great task that has been completed.

The technique of looking for “signs of progress” can be applied to any project. Take time to assess and look back before diving forward. Acknowledging the progress helps propel the motion of completion.