ImageCosmonaut Volkov Tomato Seedlings.

Have you ever experienced an unexpected success?  Last week I planted some seeds I had saved from 2007.  Upon opening the envelope they were saved in, I was a bit disheartened.  Woops, I remember this was my ‘lazy’ experiment in seed saving.  Instead of properly fermenting, washing and drying off the soft squishy tomato seeds, I remember squirting them out (or maybe even spitting them out) and putting them on a plate to dry.  Anyone who has saved tomato seeds before knows this is not the way to save a ‘viable’ tomato seeds.  So anyways, in this ‘experiment’ the seeds dried, but they became all ‘stuck together with a clear ‘nail polish like’ film and had to be peeled off the ceramic plate they were stuck too.  I saved them anyways. Into the envelope they went.   How did I remember that this is what did when I opened that envelope from 8 growing seasons ago? 

The evidence was in the seed.  You see, a properly saved tomato seed is a beautiful sight to behold.  It’s texture is soft and fuzzy with a bit of hairyness.  It’s a beautiful consistent color and a bit pliable in nature.  These tomato seeds however were not at all as a beautiful proper tomato seed should be.  They were waxy and ‘crunchy’, the wrong color and texture.  I had little to no hope for these seeds actually sprouting into seedlings.

So I took a chance on the unexpected, I planted.  Why would I bother planting when the odds were basically 0 that this ‘experiment’ would do anything but waste my organic seed starter mix?  I planted these ‘wrong’ seeds because the envelope said great things that I wrote, such as “tastiest eary harvest, most prolific of Cosmanaut Volkov Tomato ever”.  So with little faith I planted a bunch of those ugly wrong seeds, hoping that maybe one of those seeds would be viable and turn into a beautiful tasty tomato producing plant.

And that’s when the great miracle occurred.  Because that’s what planting is, a miracle.  No matter what preparations or ‘unpreparations’ we take, the transformation of seed to seedling is a miracle, something that no human can actually control in entirety.  It takes a great amount of faith to put that little ‘thing’ in dirt and wait for it to ‘maybe’ grow. Sowing the seed is faith and watching it grow is a miracle in action.

Surprise, Every single seed germinated. 100% germination.

Isn’t life like that sometimes.  We might go about things in all the ‘wrong’, or in other terms ‘creative’ and un-tried’ ways.  Our results might not ‘look’ too pretty or successful.  But, in the end things turn out surprisingly fruitful.

Even though we can’t choose a miracle, or when that miracle might or could occur, It’s important to have hope.  It’s important to try.  It’s important to  believe in our broken ‘wrong’ selves. 

So go ahead, be lazy, take risks, be ‘creative’ and experiment.  I’m sure you’ll be surprised in the end!

Has this ever happened to you?  Do you have a surprising success or an ‘unexpected miracle’? Share in the comments section for inspiration.