Up-cycling vintage bling
Up-cycling vintage bling

Many times I come across a pattern and love the idea of it, but not the results or details. If this happens to you, there is only one thing to do, change the details to suit you. The above is a recent bracelet I created based off of a pattern called “Splash bracelet”, which can be found in Bead and Button’s Beaded Bracelets.

This was a perfect opportunity to re-use a broken vintage component. I’m not sure what this component originally was, but I used it as a sort of button and stitched it to the middle in place of the beaded focal point the pattern suggested. Since it was to be in the center of the piece, I wanted it to be something special and different, to draw the eye. Just a ‘regular’ bead spread wouldn’t do for my purposes. When I mention ‘regular beads’ I’m referring to the type of beads you could easily get from somewhere else and repeat the exact project all over again. I’m kind of anti mechanistic this way. I mean, what’s the point of going through all the tedious labor of ‘hand making’ if someone else could make/get or easily have the same exact thing, but I digress…

In the details of the piece I worked the fringe with beads of the same green color family but with different finish/texture/size and cut. It’s something you can see repeated in my other works. If I am making a piece fit to sparkle, I like it to catch the light in every type of lighting and angle available. Sunlight, fluorescent light, incandescent light, dim light, bright light, candle light, etc. will all effect the interpretation of bead color and shine in various ways. By using different types of beads (satin, hex, twist, ab finish, trans, silver lined, etc.) the beads can take full advantage of light, thus enhancing the beauty of the piece. For example, some beads will capture the light within the bead. Some beads will bounce the light at an angle. Some will shine the light outward. I could go on.

Often times I relate grand ideas of life and theory to beads, and in this instance it’s also applicable. In my parallel, people are like the different beads, each cut and finished in a unique way. Similar to how a bead interacts with the light available, We processes and assimilate light through our lives in our own perfect ways. And like beads, It’s when we work together that we can create a stunning representation of the light no matter the quality of, or type light available to us. The light in a ‘person’ perspective meaning: all that is good, harmonious and beautiful.

So to me, beads in a beautiful stitched arrangement of detail, are like the woven communities around us. We seek light, beauty and goodness through interaction, just as the beads represent beauty in tangible form. That’s why it is so much easier to be reminded of the light, and goodness when are in positive community. We are reminded of the light by seeing it within, reflected, bounced and shining out in others.

Be the light, Shine your goodness, and set your creativity free through community.



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