IMG_8177 seed beaded Christmas earrings, gifts. Wreaths and Snowflakes in Sterling Silver

What’s better than an ugly Christmas Sweater? Classy and elegant Christmas Jewelry that’s what! Shown above some seed beaded glass earrings I’ve finished up. This week is special gift making time. Seed beading is such a precious gift. Tiny colors of glass all woven together with bits of thread, and this is what you get! Handmade Earrings,with lots of time, energy, intention and love becomes art on your ears. Seed beading is the best jewelry gift I can give to anyone, truly. A very meticulous art of love. And with earrings, you get all that goodness twice.

Show some winter love by gifting to others. It feels good to give handmade, and hopefully to receive that love too 😉