Calypso Bean, Orca Bean, Yin Yang Bean
Calypso Bean, Orca Bean, Yin Yang Bean

One of my favorite beans grown this summer is the bean with three names. It’s called calypso bean, orca bean and my favorite name, yin yang bean.

It’s amazing to know this little bean came from nature. And in order to keep that nature preserved growing from seed and saving that seed is essential.

When you save seed you’re ensuring that future generations of your seed will endure, and participating in a timeless heritage.

Some keys to saving seed:

1.Let it go- Yep,a perfect time to be a bit lazy. Don’t pick all that basil before it flowers, don’t tend that oregano, or search out every last cucumber on the vine. When you have enough saved, and shared, relax and let nature do it’s thing.

2. Wait- Dry, dry and dry some more. Whatever seed you are attempting to save, there is no such thing as too dry. Wait until you are sure before putting into storage.

3. Be easy- I let my beans dry out right on the vines. If there is an easy way, take it.

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