It is not often that I will see a natural sardonyx, in  bead form. I think this is one of those gemstones that doesn’t usually get properly identified, as for the strong resemblance to carnelian and orange banded agate. Sardonyx is a combination of chalcedony, sard and onyx. It’s a beautiful gem with much lore and many different thoughts on gemological classification.

This particular stone was even more interesting than the usual in shape and cleave points. The facets are unevenly cut, probably due to the fracture points within the stone. Personally, I have had a few unplanned shapes come out of a stone while cutting during my own lapidary art creations.

When working with an interesting shaped, rare stone, there can be some challenges. In this bead the shape, size and weight had to be considered. It was obviously made to be a focal. Due to its hardness (sturdiness), I chose the sardonyx for a bracelet.

I did not use a traditional color match, this is a stone that should stand out.


I decided to create the design, like I usually do, by matching gemstone/gemology properties.  As usual, the stones resonated very well together and when the piece was finished, seemed as if it was always meant to be this way. It is very attractive in sunlight. Maybe I’ll get a better picture on here when the sun returns…

For the band, I used chrysoprase barrel stones, bloodstone rondelles, chrysocolla round and two rose quartz ovals.

Can you guess the energy/purpose of this piece?


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