One of my favorite types of jewelry pieces to create is one that has personal meaning and significance to the wearer.  I love receiving those special components and being directed to create something beautiful from them.   The above is a clergy necklace I created with such special parts.

Here are some details:  The above piece contains gemstones from Capernaum, where Jesus walked, his own town.  These types of beads are commonly referred to as ‘Beggar’s Beads’, a name which has its own interesting story worth looking up.  The other beads are made of sustainable olive wood, from fallen branches, from Bethlehem, where Jesus was born.  The olive branch and wood, also has historical Christian significance as a symbol of peace.  And the cross was another gift from a traveler on a pilgrimage to the holy land, made of olive wood, it’s design and composition also with a greater meaning.

One might see why combining these specific beads and cross together would have a meaningful significance for a clergy person, or Christian.  Gifts that have an extra reason for being special are always more appreciated.

What are some of your favorite special pieces?

If you have any special parts that you’d like made into a piece of personal significance, that’s something I do.

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