IMG_2033 Charm necklace

For years I’ve had these smaller pendants that I was going to use in a matching gemstone necklace, someday, but never quite got around to it. They are delicate and, well, charming. But, they are not quite large enough to stand alone as a focal pendant.

So, I decided to put them all together on my redwood beads. It is lightweight and displaying the pendants all together makes the necklace and pendants much more interesting than each as a solo piece.

Creating a charm necklace is also a great way to use up single stone beads or solo beads. Just make a pendant out of the bead and add to an already existing necklace or create a new setting for them.

Another great thing about this idea, is that it keeps all your keepsakes in one place. Those special memories will have a new home that is much more wearable than each alone. Go ahead, free the charms and smaller pendants from your jewelry box and create a charm necklace to remember and wear.


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